Miami Mountain Fire Lookout, Page 2

Located in the United States Forest Service's,

Sierra National Forest, Bass Lake Ranger District

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      Miami's weather station is used for monitoring the fire weather daily at 1:30pm during fire season. In 2005 the new RAWS weather station was installed at the tower. Click on images for larger view and current weather conditions on the mountain.

Click here to view the RAWS Weather Station Iinformation.

      To sign up as a volunteer lookout for Miami Mountain click here and follow the instructions.

      This site is dedicated to my very best friend Josiah Knowles, Jr. (Joe Knowles) for his many years of work and support for the volunteer fire lookout program in the Sierra National Forest. Joe passed away on the evening of October 26, 2006 while on duty and closing up the tower for the evening and on June 27, 2009, the Sierra National Forest dedicated the tower in his memory and name.

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From Miami Lookout the following U.S.F.S. and C.D.F. Fire Lookouts are visible.

Sierra National Forest Fire Lookouts:

Signal Peak Fire Lookout, (red dot),
7,079 feet in elevation at 1.5 degrees, 7.5 miles. The lookout is now unstaffed and closed.

Shuteye Peak Fire Lookout, (red dot),
8,358 feet in elevation at 105 degrees, 18 miles. The lookout is now staffed and open.

Musick Mountain Fire Lookout, (red dot) distant left,
6,807 feet in elevation at 131 degrees, 30 miles. The lookout is now unstaffed and closed.

Goat Mountain Fire Lookout, (red dot) near right,
4,675 feet in elevation at 134 degrees, 14.5 miles. The lookout is now unstaffed and only used in emergencies.

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California Department of Forestry Fire Lookouts:

California -- The Flammable State, A CDF Article.

Deadwood Peak Fire Lookout, (red dot),
4,540 feet in elevation at 155.5 degrees, 8.0 miles. The lookout is now unstaffed and closed.

Redtop Peak Fire Lookout, (red dot),
1,838 feet in elevation at 185 degrees, 20 miles. The lookout is now unstaffed and closed.

Green Mountain Fire Lookout, (red dot),
1,374 feet in elevation at 232.5 degrees, 17 miles. The lookout is now unstaffed and closed.

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Miami's Annual Lookout Statistics

Page 3, 1995 to 2009 Annual Lookout Statistics

Page 4, 1995 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 5, 1996 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 6, 1997 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 7, 1998 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 8, 1999 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 9, 2000 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 10, 2001 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 11, 2002 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 12, 2003 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 13, 2004 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 14, 2005 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 15, 2006 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 16, 2007 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 17, 2008 Individual Volunteer Statistics

Page 18, 2009 Individual Volunteer Statistics

The last year for volunteer statistics is 2009.

80 Commonly Used California Fire Frequencies

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